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Hi Saeed,

Many thanks again for all the excellent help.

Please, how do you say “to sign somebody up to the anti-slavery cause”?

If I sign somebody up to the anti-slavery cause, that means that I get him to sign his name to an anti-slavery group and to commit himself to the abolition of slavery.

The evangelist Charles Finney, rightly, I think, would sign up new Christians to this cause, as slavery is such a terribly evil thing. Charles Finney was born in the USA about 200 years ago, so slavery was very much alive at the time, at least in the south. His idea was that if someone is serious about being a Christian, he should be serious about fighting evil, and what was more evil than slavery?

Sadly, slavery still exists in some parts of the world today.

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Dear Simon,
It is:
پیوستنِ کسی به جنبشِ ضد برده داری
وارد کردنِ کسی به نهضت ضد برده داری

sign up = ثبت نام کردن، نام خود را ثبت کردن

is this enough?


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