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Persian Language/What do you think of the following website?


What do you think of the following website?  That is true according to the Europeans.

Dear friend,
Actually I have no time to read the entire site, but so far I red it is about life and marriage and differences between Us and Europe. Can you please tell me why should I say my opinion to you about it? I personally think my opinion can not be important for you. Can it?
But if you want to know me and learn about my ideas and ideology, although I do not have to answer you in this regard, let me tell you that I am a freethinker and open minded person. More open than many religious Americans or Europeans. I consider myself a man of freedom of thinking, speech, freedom of everything you may think of. I think you can guess the rest, my friend.

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I can answer to questions about Persian (Farsi) as second language as well as history of persian art and culture.


I am an English - Persian translator with more than 8 years of experience and about 30 translated books including around 8000 pages. I have been interested in History of world art (painting and architecture), history, mythology, etc. As a poet I also have considerable experience in Persian poetry.

B.A. of political sciences. M.A. of political sciences.

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