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I do not want to offend the people or Iran, but if you see any facts about Iran that are not true (incorrect), just let me know, and I will correct them. I will not change the official copy of the Canadian and US government version of the events. If the government of Iran has an official version of the events that is made available to the public I would like to include that on this website.

I personally believe in peaceful diplomacy and dialogue between nations. So I guess you can understand my viewpoint regarding the events. many people in Iran now believe that those violent works was the result of revolutionary ardency.


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I can answer to questions about Persian (Farsi) as second language as well as history of persian art and culture.


I am an English - Persian translator with more than 8 years of experience and about 30 translated books including around 8000 pages. I have been interested in History of world art (painting and architecture), history, mythology, etc. As a poet I also have considerable experience in Persian poetry.

B.A. of political sciences. M.A. of political sciences.

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