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Hi Saeed,

Greetings from İzmir!

Please could you help me understand the word سربست? Here is the entry from (it is the Dehkhoda section):


لغت نامه دهخدا

سربست . [ س َ ب َ ] (ن مف مرکب ) سربسته . سرپوشیده . که سر آن نهاده باشند :
پژوهنده ٔ خاک سربست من
نهد تهمت نیست بر هست من .

Please explain and translate
که سر آن نهاده باشند :
and also
پژوهنده ٔ خاک سربست من
نهد تهمت نیست بر هست من .
- presumable a poem.



Hi Simon,
Well, it is a hard question.

بستن is the verb and it is many meanings in Persian and each one is a distinct verb or noun in English.

سربست is not a common Persian word nowadays. You can use سرپوشیده or نهان which means "hidden" or "under a cover".

که سر آن نهاده باشد = که سر آن گذاشته شده باشد = که درِ آن گذاشته شده باشد
which has been covered or be closed.

(suppose a box which you put something in it and then seal the box. This act of sealing meansبستن in Persian).

پژوهنده ٔخاک سربست من
نهد تهمت نیست بر هست من

Simple form:
کسی که خاکِ سرپوشیده من را جستجو می کند
به من تهمت می زند (مرا متهم می کند) که وجود ندارم

It means:
The one who search my covered soil
Accuses me of not being exist.

(I think covered soil is the simile for grave or the ground which covers your coffing or body.

I know it is complicated.

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