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Dear Saeed,

I've been asking about this in various places but have only been able to get so far and no further.

Is it, for example, based on an expression “خود را به جایی چپ زدن” meaning “to dodge into a place”? But why the name علي?

Best wishes, and many thanks,


Hi Simon,
I did a bit of search but didn't find anything.
At least I can help you understand it better.
When we say خودت را به گوچه علی چپ نزن we mean: Come on! don't pretend that you don't know anything.
I have seen these as خودت را به کوچه حسن چپ نزن in some parts of Iran (in Kerman, South East of Iran.
If you say to an Iranian: خودت را به کوچه سایمون چپ نزن He/She would immediately understand what do you mean even by adding Simon.It seems as far there is no special reason to choose name علی here but maybe there is and I don't know. There are many expressions in Farsi that include name علی.
چپ here means left, wrong, not right

Have a good time.

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