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Persian Language/Have you heard of this classic persian romantic literature/poem?


Dear Mr Khavarinejad,

My name is Ryan and i'm a student from England. I have always loved Persian culture and poetry and i've been searching for a particular story for many weeks, but i can't find it. I hope that either you know it of it and could narrate it to me, or you will know best on where to find this story. The story doesn't seem to be available on the internet, and i can't afford to buy any new Persian poetry books. So I hope you can help. Thanks for reading :)

The story is called 'Homāy o Homāyun/Humay and Humayun' (همای و همایون‎) by Khwaju Kermani (خواجوی کرمانی‎). (

Some Persian artists painted this story also (around 14th-15th century) (

Do you know this story?



Dear Ryan,

At first let me  tell that if you would know how I am eager to help, you would probably cut a caper!
I have your answer and fully interested to share it with you and help you to know it.
It is great that you like Persian Poetry. I think it is one of few things that we Iranians can still be proud of! And I think it is a great opportunity to having you here, asking and eager to know that story. At least you admire Persian poems and this is enough for making me convinced to help.
You won't believe me if I tell you less than 10 second after reading your request I found the answer! Now I am searching for an English version of the story and you can be sure that my help is free, reliable and continues.
Let me tell you that I am an eager western art reader and I have translated at least 14 books. One of them is about History of English Architecture. I bet I know the history of English architecture better than you :))
I think we should continue this via e-mail. Mine is
E-mail me as soon as possible and we will discuss this more in there.


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