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Dear Saeed,

Many thanks again for your excellent recent help.

A sentence from the autobiography of a woman who had to leave her homeland in a hurry:
شش سال از زمانی که شاهد محو شدن سرزمینم در زیر خروارها مه بود میگذرد
Is the following a good translation, please?
“Six years have passed since the time I watched the disappearance (disappearing) of my homeland under masses of fog.”

Re بود, is it ‘bud’ or ‘bovad’? How does it fit in to the rest of the sentence, please? My problem is really with the basic structure of the sentence.

Best wishes, and many thanks,


Hi Simon,

It is "Bood". Means She "was".

The only problem of your translation is that you have wrongly writen "I" instead of "she" and the rest id wright.

If it was بودم then you should write "I" was, But because it is بود you should write "She" was.


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