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QUESTION: Greetings Saeed,

Hope all is going great for you and yours.

Please, how can I say, “This is my best effort.”?

One uses this when one is not sure that what one has done is very good, but it's the best one can do.

E.g. “This is my best effort at the translation you asked for.” How might one translate this sentence, please?

Best wishes, and many thanks,


ANSWER: Hi Simon,
I hope you are well and happy.

It is:

این تمام تلاش من برای ترجمه ای است که از من درخواست کرده بودید

I did my best effort = تمام تلاشم را کردم

literally: بهترین تلاشِ من
formally: تمامِ تلاشِ من


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again Saeed,

Many thanks again - as a followup please could you translate this short sentence for me?

"The report I wrote was my best effort, but it still wasn't good enough for my boss."

Many thanks


Hi dear Simon,
I wish the best for you and yours too.

I write 3 forms of this sentence:

گزارشی که نوشتم بهترین گزارشی بود که می توانستم بنویسم اما به اندازه کافی برای رئیسم خوب نبود
بهترین گزارشی که می توانستم را نوشتم اما برای رئیسم به اندازه کافی خوب نبود
تمام تلاش خود را برای نوشتن گزارشم کردم اما برای رئیسم به اندازه کافی خوب نبود

Unfortunately "my best effort" is not translated directly. So you have to change it depend on the structure of the certain sentence.

More questions? I am here!

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