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Hi Saeed,

Greetings! This is actually a followup to my last question, but I'm afraid I can't locate it for some reason.

You wrote:
Moreover sometime it can be humiliating. For example if you do something unsocial someone may ask:oh look! Where does this guy from? (اوه نگاه کنید! این شخص (طرف، یارو، آدم، فرد) طرف کجاییه؟

Saeed, I'm just a little bit confused as I can't find the word  in this sentence. Please could you explain?



PS In case it helps, here is the whole Q&A in full:

Hi Saeed, and greetings from İzmir!

Re a person called Michael I was asked by an Iranian friend, “مایکل مال کجاس؟”.

If someone asks you such a thing about a person, what kind of info are they looking for? Not the person’s birthplace, I take it?

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Hi Simon,
Hope all is well with you and yours.

It is about birthplace or the city in which that person lives.

If I ask someone سیمون مال کجاست or سیمون کجاییه or سیمون بچه کجاست he should answer He (Simon) is Welsh. Maybe he answers Simon is Welsh and (but) he lives in Izmir now.

It is often about birthplace.

Sometime it can be refereed to workplace, Ideology. But rarely.
Moreover sometime it can be humiliating. For example if you do something unsocial someone may ask:oh look! Where does this guy from? (اوه نگاه کنید! این شخص (طرف، یارو، آدم، فرد) طرف کجاییه؟
He means that the mentioned person is not an urban and civilized person. He is a villager (Many Iranians believe that villagers are not civilized enough!!!)

Hope it helps

Hi Simon,

Well, let me help you.
(اوه نگاه کنید! این شخص (طرف، یارو، آدم، فرد) طرف کجاییه؟
I didn't notice that I have written "طرف" twice. it should be:
(اوه نگاه کنید! این شخص (طرف، یارو، آدم، فرد) کجاییه؟
Simpler form: (اوه نگاه کنید! این شخص کجاییه؟
Oh look where does this guy from?
Answer: hmmm! he should be from (for example) queens neighborhood. (If everyone assume queens a bad place to live and its inhabitants are not polite and civilized or act appropriate).


These are all same: " مالِ کجایی؟ , بچهِ کجایی؟ , اهلِ کجایی؟ , کجایی هستی؟"

You are third person here: سیمون کجاییه؟ Where does Simon from?
You are my audience and you are supposed to answer: سیمون کجایی هستی؟ Simon, where are you from?


Now about humiliating aspect of this question.
Suppose John does a socially unacceptable work and I see it. Then I may say : "Where this guy from?" In Persian this means oh this gay "John" in not acting appropriate and civilized. It means he (John) is not an urban man and he probably lives in a village and not familiar with urban values.
If I say این جان کجاییه؟ It means این جان اهل کجاست.
In this situation the answer is suppose to be a humiliating answer. That is, a notorious place. replier usually say he (John) is from a notorious place, like a village. Or a bad neighborhood. Both John and that place are disgusting. Replier usually is not supposed to say where you have been born but where you have been living. He refers to your life style and social behavior.


But in its conventional sense "مال کجاست" means where he/she has been grown and it is about nationality and so forth.

But remember if I ask you "متولدِ کجایی؟، زادهِ کجایی؟، محل تولدت کجاست؟ کجا به دنیا اومدی؟" the answer is your birthplace.


Did it help?
If not, please feel free to ask.


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