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QUESTION: Greetings Saeed,

Do hope all is well with you and yours.

A friend wrote:
من فکر می کنم که تیم ولز برنده میشه.
I wanted to say, “Without any doubt whatsoever.” i.e. stronger than just بدون شک.

What could I have said, please? Perhaps بدون کل شک?

Every blessing,


ANSWER: Hi dear Simon,
Hope the best for you my friend.

1. you can say:
بی شک حَتماً برنده می شود : Without any doubt it surely wins.

you can also use «یَقیناً، مُسَلَماً، به طُورِ حَتم» instead of حتماً.

2. You can also make it negative and say because the negative is impossible the former claim is correct:

بی شَک مَحال اَست که تیمِ ولز بَرنده نَشَوَد
Without any doubt it is impossible Wales doesn't win the match. (That is: It will surely win and there is no otherwise)

But the first form is better.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Many thanks again, Saeed.

I have another idea - if we can't say  بدون کل شک, what about something like بدون کمترین شک? Or have I got the wrong idea?

Do you even use بدون شک at all?



Dear Simon,

بدون کل شک is totally wrong.
بدون کمترین شک is correct but rare. You can use بدون شک and it includes "کمترین or هیچ" in itself.

Yes we use بدون شک، بدون هیچ شکی، بدون کمترین شکی،

Feel free to ask.

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