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Dear Saeed,

Precisely because of the wonderful richness of your language I sometimes get confused.

For example, you seem to have many, many ways of translating ‘because’.

So may I ask what word yourself use for ‘because’ in everyday Colloquial Persian i.e. when you're speaking to your family and friends?

Best wishes, and many thanks,


PS In case example sentences would help, perhaps we could have these: "I like Hasan because he's always very helpful." / "I arrived late at my workplace because I had to see the doctor." Hopefully these are natural, colloquial sentences – how would you translate them?

Hi dear Simon,
you are welcome

I say چون "chon".
چون is Colloquial

The best formal translation is زیرا "zira"

But you may like to know some more equals:
به خاطر این که
به این دلیل که
به این خاطر
از آن جا که
از آن جایی که


I like Hasan because he's always very helpful."
از حسن خوشم میاد چون همیشه به درد میخوره

"I arrived late at my workplace because I had to see the doctor
به محل کارم دیر رسیدم چون باید میرفتم دکتر



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