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Greetings Saeed

I do hope you and yours are in the very pink of health.

A short poem in the autobiography of the man from Yazd:
تخلّص یزدی و سالم دو تا هفت
حسن ابن محمد ساکن تفت

1. Is there a kasre between the first two words (تخلّص یزدی)?
2. Re his age, is it 2 times 8 i.e. 16 or 2-8 i.e. between the ages of 2 and 8 (perhaps rather improbable but still possible)?
3, Is there a kasre between محمد and ساکن?

Every blessing,


Dear Simon,
Pleased to read about you. Hope you are well to.

تخلّص، یزدی و سالم دو تا هفت
حسن ابن محمد، ساکن تفت

(My) pseudonym (is) Yazdi, and my age is double 7 (77 year old)
Hassan son of Mohammad, habitant of Taft (Taft city)

takhallos, Yazdi o sālam do tā haft
hasan ebn e Mohammad, sāken e Taft

I think you have the answers of all your questions now.

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