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Dear Saeed,

My wife, who is Turkish, once told me that, in order to get a camel to drink plenty of water, it is necessary to place some salt at the bottom of the bucket of water you offer it.

I know very little about camels and therefore accept that this may be a complete myth, but nevertheless I'm quite fascinated by the idea and have constructed a Colloquial Persian sentence that two camel-owing friends may say one to the other:
“There's some salt at the bottom of the bucket so that the animal will drink some water.”

My translation (I have has some help from native speakers, but not exactly for this particular sentence):
ته سطل مقداری آب هس که حیوون آب بخوره.
هس = هست

Please could you correct it?



Dear Simon,
The translation is correct. You can write "تا" instead of "که" there.
"So that" means: به طوری که، برای این که، چنان که، تا این که

Ps: I didn't know that your wife is Turkish. (Persians believe that Turkish women have very thick voices!) :)


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