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I worked one employer last year, but he kicked me out, of course I feel terrible.
This year he wants to hire me again, he said he did not hire anyone during these 3 months.
I am short of money, so I agreed to go back.
Then I found out he hired 2 employees during these 3 months. He lied to me.

The damage already happened, I don't think I can continue to work with him.

I only start last week, only make commission, not salary job.

Maybe I think too much?

Would you give me your answer?


There is a bit of information omitted here in order to give you a succinct answer.  For example, you didn't mention why you were kicked out.

So with the information that you provided, it comes down to this:

You said "the damage is done."  Is this damage to your feelings? Feelings can mend, an empty stomach lingers.  Is the damage an issue of trust? What can both of you do to re-establish trust in each other?

In truth, JJ, whether he hired someone else or not, your opportunity now is to show to yourself first and to the employer second, that taking you back was the best decision he ever made. You can decide to make this happen by giving more than is asked, and creating a positive atmosphere that makes having you around a valuable asset.

You may move onto something else in the future, but while you are there, why not take the opportunity to show to yourself your very best nature.  It is real easy to feel a victim of circumstance, but much more rewarding to acknowledge that you are the master of your fate.

I would say then, JJ, role up your sleeves and make them regret that they ever 'kicked you out' in the first place. This may be the most important thing that you get out of being there.

My final words are:


Good luck, and please evaluate the answer honestly.

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