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I need some help with writing this better, as in polite yet enthusiastic regarding my personal development plan, are you able to please suggest how I can write this better?

Short term goals:
My short term goals are to career goals is to gain more exposure to performance testing.  I would like to increase my skill sets and exposure to tools used in performance testing and be able to effectively use those tools in testing capacity as part of my role.

Long term goals:
My long term goals is to reach a managerial/project management role. Ultimately, I would like to reach consultancy level.

Dear Sir - this situation below what I'm trying to say is I got hired as the Senior but the Junior who is acting as the Test Lead while I come up to speed is not that willing to help me come up to scratch and a bit abrupt but I don't want to point the finger, rather I just want to politely make a bad situation below sound positive:

Acknowledging and overcoming a difficult situation: As a new employee to OH and the Clinical Portal team, I found that I wasn't given the guidance I had expected from the acting Test Lead.

It was difficult at first and I had kept the Team Lead updated. Given that the junior is acting as the Test Lead, I still needed and need to acquire knowledge to be successful in my role.

In order to get over this hurdle, I sort help from other members of the team. Taking notes for test cases/configurations that weren't documented accurately & updating outdated test cases as part of the Regression suite. By asking for help for those members of the team who were willing to help, I felt good that I was acquiring the required knowledge needed to help come up to speed and feel like I am contributing successfully to the teams objectives.

Hello AJ,

This isn't exactly a development question, rather it is more of a literary one.  On the other hand, from reading your story I would make a suggestion that perhaps you weren't looking for, but might be better for you in the end.

One of the important traits of being in a senior position is that it implies a certain amount of leadership, and the skills that go with it. I understand the difficulty of having someone on your team not cooperating, especially since you need them somewhat to help you get up to speed on the job. However, AJ, writing to those that be about your situation may backfire on you, even though your intentions are good.  You see, I'm sure that they expect a certain amount of problem solving on your part to have earned the senior position.  One way to become a true leader is to attempt to handle this situation on your own.

If I understand you correctly, the junior who is acting as test lead, is not cooperating with you, even though you are the senior. I would suggest that you sit down with this individual and discuss the situation with him and let him know what you require of him. Discuss it as a leader would, not by complaining to the individual but by underlining the need to work together in order to best fulfill both of your jobs.

If you show that you are a leader, you will earn the respect of most people around you, and you will have the sense of accomplishment of knowing that you turned things around on your own.

I would much rather suggest this action rather than help you formulate a letter which in the end I believe will make things worse for you.

I hope that this was helpful, and please rate this response honestly.

Phil L. Methot

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