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I'm 26 now and for the past 9 years I've worked either in a factory or outside, so I've only got experience in manual labour. But now I'm getting tired of coming home everyday after working hard for little money so decided I want a career change.
I want to go work in an office where I can build a career and work my way up to a good salary but unfortunately I have no experience. I'm hoping if I get some qualifications In things like Prince2 or ITIL they may hire me but there is no garantee it will work.
Do you have any advice on how I can get hired for a job I have no experience in?

Hi Greg,

There is no question that what you are asking on the surface is difficult. It would seem that there are so many people with degrees out there doing the same kind of work that you are doing because they couldn't find a job.

I don't know what the job market is in the UK, but there is one thing I know from my experience as a motivational management consultant. What impresses people who hire the most, is the desire and determination to work hard and the willingness to learn. Not just the words, because anyone can say that, (and usually do), but I'm talking about the look in the eye that communicates the message loud and clear that you are willing to learn and learn well the skills required for a job.

My close friend started working as a receptionist years ago in a financial institution. At night she took courses in the industry. She showed up early for work, and left late. All could see her desire to better herself.  This year she is retiring after achieving a six-figure income and becoming one of the top experts in the city of Montreal in her field.  That is drive and determination.  Do you have it, Greg?

What I would suggest, first and foremost, Greg, is that you pick a field where you have general interest. Don't just go into any office; pick an industry that actually means something to you. Before you go for a single interview, study up on the industry. Do some reading and research. You want to learn the 'language' of the industry.

If you are interested in Prince2, for example, read up on anything you can find about the business. Read up on general management principles so that you have a comparison. When you read the Prince2 documents, highlight words and concepts that you don't know.  Learn them.

Then, and this is important Greg; you would find someone who is successful in Prince2 consulting, tell them of your ardent desire to learn, and ASK for knowledge, hints, and tips, anything that can move you forward.

No matter what industry you choose, Greg, do what 95% of the 'others' don't do; find a mentor. You may believe that a successful person wouldn't want to spend time with a stranger who is a newcomer, but you would be wrong.  Everyone of them was where you are now, so many of them would take a delight in helping.  Sure, not everyone, but also for sure, if you keep asking, you will find a person willing to help you.  Tell them you would like to take them to lunch to ask them questions, Pay for the lunch! It doesn't matter if they are making 10 times the money you are making, show them that you are willing to risk the investment.  If you don't have much money saved up, start putting some aside, this will cost you, but it is an investment that will pay off immeasurably.

It doesn't matter if initially you get a job doing menial office work; as long as you are in the 'building' you are in. Then work to learn anything and everything.  Ask questions and prepare to take the courses.  There is a lot to learn Greg, and you are only 26 so you have time.  Remember, you are preparing to shape the rest of your life.  The next couple of years are an investment in time that will pay off in the future. Again, are you ready to do the work, Greg?

In your comments, you said that you hope to be hired, and also that there is no guarantee that it will work. First of all, there are never any guarantees, and if guarantees are what you want, you already know that you can get paid for manual labour.  Guarantees, you see, are usually not that attractive. No one who made it big did so with guarantees; indeed many of them failed numerous times before it turned in their favour. What they had in common is the determination not to quit. That's the one quality you need to have.  If you don't have it yet; read about it, and learn the habit of not quitting. (and yes, it is a habit).

To your point about hoping to get hired.  Think about getting hired in the industry as anything, just to get in the door, (even if it means less pay), but after that, stop thinking about being hired, and start thinking about being the type of person who in the future, will hire others to help your successful business. Consider yourself as a Prince2 project. How are you going to manage all of the steps necessary to succeed? Make a plan, plan to work and work the plan.

It is a big step, Greg, to ask someone who lives thousands of miles away from you for help. You did that, congratulations.  Notice how someone, whom you don't know, has taken the time to write this and point you in the right direction. People pay me hundreds of dollars an hour for the same help, so, as I said, you can always find people who will take an interest in someone taking an interest in their own growth. See this as lesson one, and proof of how it works.

Read this response several times and make it a part of your own thinking.  

I hope this was helpful. Please rate this response honestly.

Phil L. Méthot
Laval, Quebec, Canada  

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