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Hello Phil,

I find myself in a puzzling situation career wise.
I am at a crossroads and I am not sure how to address this with my boss.  I am not sure whether I should be more assertive in expressing my career objectives.  I am currently not happy with my current job as it is.

Here is the story.
I have had a 17-year career as a television reporter and a news anchor. But with all the changes in the industry -- I had made a decision to leave the company I was working with 2 years ago because job cuts were looming.  So I was proactive and found a job with better pay and with a better company.  The only issue was it was a producing job. When I was interviewed for the job -- I was clear that I would embrace the producing job.. but that I would want to continue with more on-air opportunities.

I did get hired.  The deal was that I commit to producing for a year and then I would get more on-air opportunities.  I committed to that. They did give me a couple of anchoring opportunities during the year.  They were pleased with that. And I was happy with that.

And for a few months after  the year was up,  I had been reporting and anchoring as well.  I was told I was being rewarded for my work.

But now new management has come in.  I had decided to have a meeting with one of them.  A weekend anchoring position will be posted.  I have been doing the job in the interim along with producing other shows.  

Here is the issue:  My manager has told me - they do love me as an anchor -- so have other directors and producers. They do love that I can do many jobs. But they need me to be the producer.  That's where they prefer me.  They did say I can apply for other jobs.  And not to toot my own horn -- but other staff have told me I am the best person they have to back fill as an anchor.

Here is my question? How do I move on going forward?  Should I be more assertive? Or do I come to work still with a positive attitude?  How do I tell my boss I am unhappy and frustrated?  Is there anyway to do that?  I feel that part of my problem was that I didn't speak up not to rock the boat.

Any advice would help.  

Thank you

Hi Sudha,

First of all, I just found this in my inbox today, and if the date (May 22) is correct, then somehow I was not notified of your email. My apologies if this is true.

Now - to your question.

From your tone and the feel of your question, I sense that you would not be happy staying in the producer's job.  I admire the fact that you stuck it out and showed everyone what you could do. You know from what everyone says that you have the talent to do what you want to do.

It is always difficult when new management comes in, because allegiances are not formed with them but with previous management. In this sense you don't owe them to continue unhappy in the position that they want and not get what you need for yourself.

My suggestion is to keep doing the great work that you do, but start shopping around for another venue to work.  I would, though, express your concerns to the new bosses.  There is nothing to lose by telling them, except the state of not knowing where you truly stand.  It is best to find out now.  If they do not give you a satisfactory response, then it is time to look elsewhere.  I say that because it rings out clear that you will feel discontent and underutilized.  You know your capacities, and there is nothing so frustrating as to live underperforming when you want to, and know that you can do better.

I say - Go for it  

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