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QUESTION: hello sir

regarding to your experience , why someone owe one talent can be successful than someone owe lot of talents and interests , I deduced that the first concentrate on one track and other be distracted all the time

so whats is the wisdom for someone owe multi-talents and interests despite of he may couldn't achieve anything on his life because of distraction he involved in ?

some experts said the multi talented person have to make a plan for managing his talents , OK thats good , but the person who owe one talent can make plan too for his life regarding finance , family , relation ship , profession etc................ , so the winner who owe one talent and use it , please comment ?

why someone owe lot of talents and engaged his mind and involve on lot things and exert effort on many circles has no achievement while the single talented his life is settle , successful and calm also he didn't exert lot of effort  ?

why the multi talented person his life is complicated and fill with hurdles , while the single talented person his life simple and smooth ?

I m the multi talented and interests person , who suffer and watching people around him excel upon him while they haven't have of his talent and knowledge at least from point of society view

hope you find answers

thanks and best regards


I take it that English is not that easy for you, and it was with great effort that you asked your question. I will try to answer you the best I can based on what I think you are asking.

You are talking about two types of people; those who are singleminded in that they have one goal, one purpose and exclude all else in order to achieve their goals.  Then there is the other types of individuals who are multi-talented and skip from one thing to another.

Yes these types exist, but I think that your conclusion that singleminded people succeed, while mutitalented people do not is not accurate. Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, etc. I think we could call him successful.

It is not correct to think that single minded people have it easy while muti-talented individuals struggle.  There are plenty of examples of successful individuals and failures in both categories.

To be specific, you have identified yourself as a multitalented person, and obviously you are judging yourself to be less successful than others around you. You also mentioned society's point of view, and yes, as long as you deem society's point of view as important, than you will always judge yourself, not by your own criteria, but by what others say.  That is a choice that will always make other people's ideas more important than your own, and you can never win like that.

AJ, It is not the fact that you are muti-talented that causes you difficulty. Do you finish one thing before going on to the next, Or do you leave projects aside only to start another? How do you manage your time? What is your strengths?

You see, AJ, there are many factors that make us successful or not.  I too am in the multi-talented category.  There so many things that I like to do, and do well. However, some I do for fun, others I do for business. Society has sometimes called me 'unfocused', however if I look at what I've done in my life, I am proud of the fact that I have travelled to over 35 countries, had my own business, raised a family, and had many, many experiences.

You need to look at your life, not based on what others say, but honestly look at what you are doing and ask yourself how effective you are being.  What is the thing you enjoy doing the most? Are you incorporating that into you business life? You should be.  Of all the things that you like to do, what can you separate as things you do for fun, and spend more time on the things that go towards making your life more successful.  I learned that just because you CAN do everything, it doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

If you are doing one thing, finish it, understand it, and get good at it. If after that you want to do something else, then do it, but not until you have done the first one very well.  In this case you will move from one thing to another 'successfully' rather than jumping from one to another because you get bored, or attracted to something else just because it is new and different.

I hope this helps you. Please rate the answer honestly

Phil L. Méthot

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you sir for your answer , English is not my native language

you know , I m the kind of people called scanner personality , involved in lot of things and also interested on many things moreover can do many things , but fail to reach any successful level on any thing , I have the raw talent on many things , each experiments or trial let me detect new things on mine , thats always distracts me

about planning , for 10 yrs ago till this moment , I read lot of books , articles , watched videos related to self development specially point related to planning , there is a statement said " if you fail to plan so you plan to fail " , I did lot of plans , try to discipline and fail , next and next

here is my circle I m living since my graduation of college , beginning from 2007 till this moment

1- obtain bachelor degree on engineering communication ( 5 year studies )
2- tried to pursue a postgraduate gather between psychology and engineering like engineering psychology
3- be actor
4- dancer / choreographer
5- voice over / radio anchorman
6- advertisement model
7- writing my story
8- writing and publish my poems
9- writing my plays
10- writing my screenplay
11- making and creating collage and diorama and miniatures design
12- working as manager / operator and developer for 4 yrs until energy burned
13- career counseling and human development and HR career path
14- create and arrange my classical music
15- do thing let people happy and developed effected the world to be better
16- doing my own business specially franchising or my new idea
17- work on an entertainment fields
18- work on marine field
19- be artistic critic or journalist
20 - write my own book or record my advise and wisdom to let people improve their life (lol)
21- doing an MBA
22- improve my dialect of English for English voice over
23- applying for IELTS and TOEFL
24- make a trip around the world

are you believe me that I was seek and tried on all past items for the past 8 yrs , some items listed above I think , research , obtain knowledge and take an action but stop , other make the same but stop after lot of action , other just thinking and researching only , other stop for financial issue , .................................................

I want usually life that let me do variety of thing daily , you know sir , the item job listed above number 12 , didn't enable me to do other thing it take 80 % of my concentration on other hand it enable me to afford money for traveling some country abroad , but I still unsatisfied , depressed , sluggish paced also I think I have ADD

please advise

Hello again, AJ,

I will try to say this again; I do not believe that the multi-talented person's life is filled with hurdles or is complicated.  There are many multi-talented persons with very successful and happy lives.  But these multi-talented persons so something that maybe you don't do.  They decide to finish one thing before going on with something else. They manage their time, and then they put all their efforts into what they are doing.  when it is finished...then, and only then do they start something new.

I believe, AJ, that by believing that your multi-talents are a problem, is what makes it a problem. Your beliefs are strong in this regard, and so your beliefs make it so.  

I would suggest that you stop thinking of yourself as a loser because you have multi talents, that isn't the problem. When you start thinking of yourself as a winner in your mind, and you start seeing possibilities instead of obstacles, your life will change for the better.

People do not lose because they have multi-talents, they lose because they don't manage them. The  talents you have to cultivate are positive thinking, clear thinking and clear action.

The best suggestion that I can give you is to pick one, the very best talent that you have, the one that you enjoy the most, and just focus on that one for now.  You have the capacity to do this. Since trying to do everything doesn't work for you, I suggest that you start getting real good at your best talent. Focus on that one and nothing else. In this way you will look and act just as the single talented person. When you can do this single thing so well, and you are making a living at it, then you can play with your other talents. For now,let them sleep.

You have the solution, you only need to accept it and act on it.  The choice of a happy life is up to you. Make your decision.

Phil L. Méthot

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