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Hi, my name is Suzanne and this is my question. Is there anything wrong with being a cougar for life? In case you don't know what a cougar is, it means an older woman who only has sex with much younger men. I'm 41 years old and I only have sex with guys in their 20s and that's all I'll ever have sex with! Is there anything wrong with that? First, let me explain a little more about myself. I have a very busy life (I run my own business) and I would classify myself as a very independent person. I've been single my whole life and I'm never planning to be in a relationship so obviously, I'm also never planning to get married (relationships just aren't for me). And I've been encouraged by my friends to finally try having sex with a guy who's 30 or over but there's no point if I'm not attracted to them! I mean, I'm just naturally more sexually attracted to guys in their 20s than guys in any other age range and that's just the way it is. So, is there anything wrong with that? And I guess I have another related question... Is there anything wrong with me being single for my whole life and just having "fuckbuddies" instead of boyfriends? In case you don't know what I mean, there's lots of guys that I have a sexual relationship with (but we've never dated). For example, when I'm feeling horny, I'll just call up one of my fuckbuddies, he'll come over and lick my pussy (that's my favourite sexual thing to do), and then he'll leave (I do this at least once a day). So, is there anything wrong with that? And I'm definitely not promiscuous but dating just isn't for me (I'm too busy to have a boyfriend/husband and plus, I'm just not much of a "romance" person). So, is there anything wrong with me only having casual sex my whole life (sex out of a relationship)? By the way, I haven't had actual "sex" in a really long time and I don't do it often (it's been months since the last time I had vaginal sex). But I get my pussy licked by my fuckbuddies every day (I've gotten my pussy licked at least once a day for a couple of years now). So, do you think there's anything wrong with any part of my lifestyle? Thanks for helping.

Hi Suzanne
its possible you may be suffering from what i can term- sexual dysfunction.
Sexual dysfunctions prevent or reduce an individual's enjoyment of normal sex and prevent or reduce the normal physiological changes brought on normally by sexual arousal.1 These dysfunctions can be classified by the phase of the sexual cycle in which they occur. It is important to keep in mind that the diagnosis of sexual dysfunction is made only when the disability persists.1 Any of them could occur occasionally or be caused by a temporary factor such as fatigue, sickness, alcohol, or drugs.

Though there are individual who chose never to get married, majority of women love to get married, as it affords them the opportunity to experience motherhood. If your parents were never married for example, there would have been no way you would have been born. So marriage has lots of benefits.

Having multiple sexual partners to me is wrong, because it comes with some attendant risk like contacting sexually transmitted disease. Its better if you have a single sexual partner to cut down the risk.

Finally, life is all about choices and the choices we make will eventually determine how we end up in life. Its up to you to determine what gives you joy and happiness, but at the long run, one must be able to make positive impact on others via keeping healthy relationships.

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