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I really need some clarity on a situation.  I married my high school sweetheart, yet sadly we divorced two years later. Of course being young and immature we really didn't handle things well He wanted me, he didn't want me, and so on and so forth. Finally i moved to another state to be with my family and begin to get on with my life. I remember it clearly because I had to fly back for my divorce court date. He did not show, and it was ended simply. Befoe leaving i stopped by his house to tell him we were divorced and he was like oh okay, very cold and indifferent. I was so horrified at his atitude. Well about a month later he started to call me and ended up coming to visit for a week. It was nice, but in the end nothing was resolved. being young i was stubborn, i felt he threw me away he could work to get me back. Well someone said that maybe he felt i let him since i moved to another state. perhaps that is true. i did leave and he did come.  life went on and we both married other people and no contact. 10 years later i have to attend a job seminar in his city. I called his parents and got his number form his mother, who told me he was divorcing his 3rd wife. She apologized saying she was sorry if i felt mistreated by him and her family. and i did feel that way, i was young and alone in a big city and i know my family would not have shut him out in the same situation.  Him and I met, we spent about 4 hours together, had dinner and he drove me back to the hotel, he said he would maybe come by later and visit,, i replied that was fineif he did, if not i had things to do ( not the best thing to say) he didn't come by or call. before i left the city i called him and he told me where he was working and I went there and said a bried goodbye to him. I called him when i arrived home to thank him for the visit and let him know i got home safely to my husband and children. ( my husband was supportive of me visiting him)  But I must admit I was hurt all over again when I didn't hear from him anymore. i thought we could at least be friends. If he didn't want to see me, why come and see me,, if he didn't want to talk on the phone, why answer his cell which shows my number?  I'm just very confused and could use some clarity as I feel rejected all over and just would like an interpretation of the situation. Since i left the state did he want me to purseue him?  anything wold be helpful and greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Tara

Hi Tara
Its obvious he has moved along and does not really have any care or passion for you.
I would suggest you let go of whatever feelings or affection you both had together.
So glad to know you are married again and you doing well. If he chose to call, pick the call and be nice to him. If he visits, welcome him warmly and that should be that.

It is natural to be hurt due to his attitude of rejection, but when one considers the negative implication of such feelings, it is better to release such negative feelings from our system.
Let the past remain in the past and move on with your new family.
Wishing you all the best.

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