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Mikeh80 wrote at 2008-09-22 10:31:30
I also hit a pole at Walmart in Elyria, OH. Lost case in small claims court! I did over 4K damage and in my prior 34 years of driving never had an accident. Many others hit same pole and Walmart had this one removed. I wrote this walmart and Walmart HQ about and they refuse to answer!!! I'd like to get even with'em 10X!!!

Regina1959 wrote at 2009-07-06 01:28:39
To Mikeh80 - I would write a letter to Wal-Mart and advising them that you are telling all your friends not to shop in that particular Wal-Mart or even all the Wal-Marts because of unsafe parking lots.  It may not get you any monetary value but at least you have put them on record that you are not shopping there any longer.

mike wrote at 2012-12-29 14:19:09
I hit one at a new walmart in Elyria, Ohio

It has since been relocated twice. Walmart won't respond to me.

please contact me.

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