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My 3 year old son fell @ Old Navy due to a deflated balloon attached to a string and clothes rack that became wrapped around his ankle.  He fell face first into the concrete floor and suffered a busted lip and gum above his upper middle teeth and later he started complaining of his ankle hurting.  The manager filled out the accident report and they have called to check on him, but do you feel that they should compensate us for this accident and emotional trauma?  I haven't taken him to a Dr or Dentist as of yet, I am just hoping that the swelling will continue to go down and he won't have any damage to his teeth.

Much depends on how seriously your child is hurt. Although slip and fall cases are winnable, they are difficult even in what looks like favorable circumstances. If your child does not have a lasting injury, it is doubtful whether an attorney would become involved in the case.

You might consider approaching them directly or a Small Claims Court action in your state.

Please note that there are time limits in every state for filing suit. Consult an attorney in your state if you decide you want to move forward on your son's case as to what those time limits are.

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