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I had to have surgery do to a work related accident, I broke my nose do to a blind spot at work. I let the manager that I would have surgery on monday but work wasn't going to let it go through until tuesday, that wednesday i went to the Dr. office to get a release to notify work when i can return to work. When I logged into my banking to see what i had left to pay bills I noticed that my paycheck was in my account, I've called and they said that I no longer work there, I live in Louisiana. I gave them notice when the surgery would take place, If i have a Dr. excuse stating when i can return to work would i still have my job?
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You didn't provide enough information for me to understand what is going on.  Were you a permanent or just temporary employee?Were you considered an independent contractor?How long have you worked for the company? Were you full time, part time, temporary short term, what?  Anyhow, if you were an employee on the payroll you should be talkiing to a Worker's Compensation attorney. That attorney can help, at no cost to you, with the medical costs and temporary disability and, advise you whether you have some recourse against the company for firing you in that way. Call a Worker's Comp lawfirm right away. Just look in the Yellow Pages or google   Worker's Comp lawyer (name of your town). Good luck

Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & Fall)

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