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I contacted you last year in Nov. Here it is a year later and I had to have surgery because of a shelf falling on my foot. I had nerve damage. They removed part of the nerve which has left part of my foot with no feeling. I have missed 4 weeks of work and am so looking forward to telling my boss that I will probably be out another four.(NOT!) I work in retail. This has affected my holidays, two kids birthdays, spirit and family relationships. I have hired a lawyer and was wondering what should I expect from a lawsuit. What should I even ask for?

Margaret: I don't recall how old you are, how much money in lost earnings there might be, what exactly the injury was, what the prognosis for the injury is, what your medical expenses have been and most importantly, what caused the shelf to fall on your other words, how good is the legal liability of the store?  If you have a lawyer, he/she will certainly have this information and he/she would be the one to answer your questions.  My question is, why don't you just ask your lawyer????  That is her job, that is her obligation to you. I don't have enough information to offer an opinion on what you should ask for.  ASK YOUR LAWYER. THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE ONE. TO KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO EXPECT. But thanks for writing anyhow.  If you want to answer all of those questions; provide all of the facts that would go into determining how strong the store liability is (as opposed to it being partly your fault, something other than negligence by the store), all details of your injury, how it was treated, whether you had problems in that foot before, whether it was injured AFTER the shelf incidence (ie, what if you fell down the stairs afterwards?  You will say it was because of the shelf injury and they will say no it wasn't. Things like that. How much in lost earnings there will be, long term prognosis for your foot?  Will you need therapy, will you get arthritis early on because of the injury? Was hardware put in your foot? What was the surgery? Something small, something big?? All of these facts and more go into evaluating your case. Get my point?????

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