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last Nov I was at a survey company and I fell as there was a raised part n park lot that wasnt fixed. i tried going to a couple lawyers and since i didnt incur high med bills they said they wouldnt take my case. I only had to go to the emergency once and had a sprained arm. do u think i can pursue this? Ia m in state of texas. in meantime I am going to send a note to the research company requesting to pay for my one time medical bills. I think my bill was $300 or $400 dollars. do I just send the bill to them in meantime till i have chance to contact another lawyer? please advise thank u It wa sa slip and fall and I know these are difficult to win but u can I just dont have time to call up to see what lawyers will take u think any lawyers will?

Slip and falls are very very tough. Almost no lawyers will take a slip and fall case without high medical bills and a permanent injury. I'd suggest you try Small Claims court.

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P.S. There are short time limits to file or your case may be barred. You should likely file suit now.

Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & Fall)

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