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I suffered a painful injury in my room at the Conrad in Battery City Park last night and need legal advice.  It started when I was at the mini bar washing my hands.  I asked my girlfriend if I could get her anything, and she asked for a soda, so I turned slightly to open the fridge that was down and to the left of the sink I was washing my hands at.

My knee gently bumped the wooden cabinet that hides the pipes below the sink, and a panel fell off and crushed my little toe on my right foot.  Blood was everywhere, it was painful, and it appears like I lost my nail.  

I inspected the panel, and it looks like it has a rigged up securing mechanism that consists of a small open hook on the back of a panel, and a dangling hook on the inside of the cabinet.  I assume this wasn't secure the last time they accessed the pipes or something.  

Anyway, this is my first time to NYC.  I work 70-80 hours per week, and I am constantly rushing about on my feet.  I needed this vacation so bad, and now, I have to return to work in a couple days and be on my feet nonstop with this injury.  My girlfriend called the front desk, and the lady said she would send security up.  They never showed up, so eventually I stumbled down to the front desk to get help.  The guy there told me they said nobody was in the room.  Well, it turns out the front desk gave them the wrong room number, and they didnt bother validating this situation I suppose.

The guy at the front desk asked if I wanted him to call an ambulance.  I don't know if I should have or not, but I had already taken my meds for the night and was upset from being hurt, and by this time it was 1am.  Even if I had broken my toe, which I think I did, the doctor would do nothing but secure it to the neighborin toe and tell me to keep it iced and elevated, so I skipped the doctor and did that all myself.

The security guy told me I would receive a phone call from the manager the next day, but of course, I didn't.  So, instead of being able to use these 2 days to rejuvenate myself...walk around time square, see the city...I have to keep myself close to the hotel and sit/lie down frequently.  Not even that, but since I'm limited in how far I can get myself, my food is largely limited to the overpriced food from this hotel.  I did just shell out $6.33 for an 8.5 ounce bottle of coke.  

They all seemed more concerned than anything about when I was going to be checking out.  I was made no offer on what they would do to take care of me.  I imagine I am going to be much less productive at work, and be in a lot of pain when I am working...maybe even having to miss some days.  

Ill attach a picture of my injury.  What can/should I do?

Thank you

Obtain the medical care that you need. Don't expect the hotel to pay until later so you must get the med care on your own . However, now, contact hotel and insist on being put in touch with their insurance company or Risk Management dept. when you have finished med care submit all bills and med records, document other damages such as lost earning.  Inconvenience, lost vacation fun doesn't count  I hop you have pics of the cabinet . If you don't you are probably screwed. Can't advise re value of case without k owing what kind of injury, whether surgery necessary, whether it heAls completely or not, etc. write back with more info later

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