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QUESTION: hi so do iask SURVEY CO or Their INSURANce. Co for money? Is 3000 too much to ask for?

ANSWER: Did you read my previous answer?  If you know the name and location of the insurance company then go straight to them to made a demand for compensation.  I can't find your old question and my answer but as I recall, you didn't say whether you received medical treatment or not, whether there were witnesses, whether the company was informed of the accident right away nor whether you have a good argument that the accident happened because of negligence by the survery company.  The mere fact of falling in their lot does not make them legally responsible for your fall.  Do you understand that??  The survery company is not required by the law to have a perfectly smooth surface in the parking lot.  Only if there was a major defect in the pavement that caused you to fall, you reported the accident immediately, and you received medical care for you injury will you have any chance of receiving anything from either the survey company or the insurance company.  If you did not see a doctor and have no medical bills, the case is worth Z E R O!  Can you ask for $3,000.00?  Yes.  You can also ask for $30,000 or 3 million.  If you have no medical bills, no documented injury from a medical doctor, no witnesses who could say you didn't fall just because you were not watching where you were going, and you didn't report the accident immediately, then $3,000 is TOO MUCH  AND EVEN THREE CENTS IS TOO MUCH

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QUESTION: Hi yes they knew that I fell. I filed police report and had 500 dolalrs in med bills and have pics of where i fell. so do u think 3000 is ok? and should I send to the insurance co or survey company?

Such a small issue.........where do I sent it???? Call the survey company and ask them where to send it. Do they want it or where should you sent it?? They will tell you. Tell them if they are not cooperative you will file in Small Claims ct.

Cari: You just don't get it do you???????? What do you mean is 3k ok?  What does that mean? Have you ever heard of something called "negotiation"?????????? God, you are just clueless aren't you?  Demand whatever you think is reasonable but at least 2 times what you would be willing to accept.  I told you seven times now, call the company and ask them where they want you to send your claim.  BE PREPARED THAT THEY TOTALLY IGNORE YOU.  You have not explained why you think the company is legally responsible.  Tell me what they did wrong that caused you to fall.  If you can't explain that, YOU HAVE NO CASE.  A police report is worthless.  Did you go to the police station and tell them a story that they recorded?  That doesn't mean it is true does it. You better have witnessrd.  You don't tell what type of injury you had.  But Cari, if I was the survery company or its insurance company I wouldn't offer you anything.  You don't understand how things work, you have no clue, and therefore could not possible succeed in Small Claims Ct.  They might offer you a few bucks jsut as NUISANCE VALUE.  Just to get rid of you  Cari.  

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