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I tripped and fell at a gas station.  As a result i sprained my foot. I live in Nebraska and was wondering if i was entitled to anything.. they have already basically admitted to guilt, by wanting to settle.

I strongly doubt that they have "admitted" to anything or that they are willing to pay you any compensation.  What you mean to say is, they saw you fall or know you fell on the premises.  But that is a far cry from them being legally responsible.  There must have been something negligent that they did THAT CAUSED YOU TO FALL.  If there was spilled gas or oil, how long was it there? Did they KNOW OR SHOULD THEY HAVE KNOWN.  Don't you think I need more information from you.  You sprained your foot? Big deal.  Did you see a doctor?  Did you have any medical expenses? Is it better now?  If the station caused your fall........not just that you fell on their property......hell, you might have been drunk or stoned at the time and it wasn't their fault at tell me nothing so I don't know..........but if they are at fault and you can prove you were hurt enough to get medical care, sure you could make a claim of them.  It wouldn't be worth much and if you had no medical care, worth nothing.  Why don't you call them up and say you want a free tank of gas. I doubt they would give it to you.

But generally, cases like your should be worth $40,000 to about $75,000.  Send them a letter saying you want the high end, $75,000.  If they offer you $40,000 maybe take it or see if they will go to say $50,000.

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