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I have had type 2 Diabetes for a number of years. I started being addicted to Coca cola getting the beverage from the vending machines at work for a number of years and later at supermarkets. My addiction would make me drink as many as 8 drinks per day for years. The addiction is and the sugar inside the bottle has caused the type 2 condition.  Metmorfin, Janumet, prandin, tobiaz have not worked. Currently I am injecting myself Victoza, but the result is the same. My blood sugar results are still high. Is there a legal case? Than you!

If you had a legal case against Coke, shouldn't every other company that sells food items with sugar in it be sued also.  Shouldn't obese people be able to sue Sarah Lee (the desert maker) or Dominoe Pizza because they got fat and now have heart disease and diabetes?  Should McDonald's be held responsible for someone getting sick by eating too many Big Mac's? Should alcoholics be able to sue Budweiser for become aloholics and ruining their livers because they drank 2 six packs every day??  How about suing Planter's Peanuts because some idiots ate 3 cans a day and all the salt gave them high blood pressure?  And what about all the thousands/millions of people with Type 2 who never had a Coke in their lives?  They just got the disease because of genetics or just eating too much or from whatever cause?  And how do you prove that Coke gave you Type 2 and not all of the other stuff you ate and drank over your lifetime that also might not be considered a health food?  Or what about some guy suing Mazerati Motors for selling him a car that goes 180 mph which the driver proceeded to do on a mountain road and drove off the edge killing him?  Does his family have a case?   They sold him something that if misused could hurt somebody.  Should the car company be responsible? How about someone buying a gun, legally, and shooting someone.  Should the victim of the shootng be able to get compensation from the gun company??????  Do you need more examples Roger to answer your question?  If so, write again. P.S. You could have drank Diet Coke couldn't you. No one forced you to do anything.  You saw yourself getting fat and sick but kept going for the 140 calorie 12 ouncers? You knew it wasn't good for you didn't you?  The only one at fault here is you.  And if there was a chance at winning a suit against Coke like you are suggesting, don't you think there would be millions of people doing so and the class action case making front page headlines????  But Roger, I must believe you knew all of this. Best of luck. P.S.S:  Maybe the tobacco cases made you think along these lines.  The difference is, the tobacco companies were found to have misled the public about the dangers of smoking, they knew it was addictive but denied it for decades, they promoted it young people to get them hooked, and even after the truth came out, they still denied it and this may have led millions to start or continuiing smoking who would not have done so otherwise.  Furthermore, cigarettes are inherently dangerous.  There is nothing harmful about a Coke..........unless someone drinks multiple cans per day like you did.  

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