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My friend was shopping at Food Co. In Sacramento. She obtained a shopping cart from a row of them. It dd not have a safety flap in the upper basket area. Other carts had the flap. She says she didn't really pay attention to that fact at the time. The upper part of the basket had two leg holes for a child to sit thru. She bought two 8 oz cans of corn and placed them in the upper basket. One of the cans rolled thru the leg opening in the basket, fell, and broke her toe. She had insurance that covered all so she has no out of pocket expenses. is this worth pursuing in small claims or is this more my friends fault for using this particular cart and putting the cans where they could fall out?
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e basket and broke her toe when it landed on her. She had insurance that covered all med bills so there are no out

You asked the correct question; is it worth pursuing?  Unless she suffered some type of permanent injury to the toe that would cause her to lose earnings or she would be needing future surgery, something big like that, answer is NO.  Pain and suffering not huge and then the there is the question of whether the store actually has liability. Can we say they had a LEGAL DUTY to make sure those plastic flaps were on each cart and if the flaps were missing the cart would be considered defective and the store negligent..........maybe. They would certainly defend any such case saying the "defect" was open and obvious and she was atleast 50% at fault herself. If there are no out of pocket damages, nothing in the future, no loss of earnings, toe is fully advice...........yep, I think you guessed it.//////////////FURGETABOUTIT. Thanks for writing. Hope this helped.

Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & Fall)

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