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I wanted to know what would my bodily injury be worth especially if I am going to speak directly with the insurance company? I was hit in a 3 car collision I was the last car to get hit. thankfully my children and other family members are doing fine..yet I sustained injuries since accident in July. Have chronic back pain..hip shoulder issues that radiate down my hand and hand goes to sleep feel numb if I pit in a certain way and my knees were effected and right ankle. Sometimes walk with a limp because of knee discomfort and I also have sharp neck pain,when driving for too long.I have to where a brace for my wrist and doctor suspects possible nerve damage. This effects my job as a massage therapist and my daily life. Please advise as to what would be a suitable compensation so that I know what I should ask for before taking this to even higher legal action with insurance company. They want to settle this out of court and are coming to see me to come up with an amount.what should I do?


I am sorry to hear about the car crash and the injuries that you suffered. I hope you are able to make a full and fast recovery.

You want to know the value of your injuries. The answer depends on many factors and takes extensive analysis to determine. I can share some of the factors that will affect the answer:
Liability: What is the liability of the defendant or defendants? From what you describe, the defendant should bear 100 percent of the liability since you were hit in the rear.

Pain and Suffering: You are entitled to collect compensation for your pain and suffering. The amount will depend upon the extent of the injuries and how well documented they are (a physician note is one thing; an MRI is much better), prior medical conditions, the extent of treatment and the impact on your life. To assess the value of pain and suffering, we collect all the medical records and have our nurse review and analyze them and we interview our clients so we understand the impact of the injury on their lives.

Variation based on Geography: I practice law in New York. The same injury will bring a different court award in the Bronx compared to Suffolk County. The value of your case will depend, in part, on the value given for similar injuries in other cases in your jurisdiction.

I know you wanted a simple number as answer, but as you can see form even this quick summary, there are many factors that go into determining the value of an injury. We prepare a detailed Case Assessment for each of our clients and those documents run up to 45 pages in determining the value of our clients’ cases. A good attorney will be able to put a value on an injury through the combination of research, investigation, analysis and experience. You may want to consult a local attorney and ask him or her to represent you. My experience is that clients with an attorney get more money from an insurance company even after paying legal fees than clients who represent themselves.

I hope this information helps.

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I am a New York personal injury attorney with over 20 years experience handling car accident and motor vehicle cases, slip and fill cases, medical malpractice, premises liability, pedestrian and bicycle accidents and personal injury cases. I have been named Municipal Attorney of the Year in New York City and had my cases listed among Top Ten Verdicts in New York. I publish the leading legal blog, New York Law Thoughts. I am active in the New York Trial Lawyers Association, and the Bar Associations of the Bronx, Brooklyn and Suffolk.


I am a New York personal injury attorney with over 20 years experience. I previously served as Associate Corporation Counsel in the New York City Law Department and was named New York Municipal Attorney of the Year. I served as Lead Trial Counsel for Manhattan Law firm of Acito and Klein. I have led my solo law practice for over ten years focused on personal injury and medical malpractice awards. My cases have been listed among the Top Trial Verdicts. I publish the leading legal blog, New York Law Thoughts. I am active in the New York Trial Lawyers Association and the Bar Associations of the Bronx, Brooklyn and Suffolk and I serve as a judge in the national collegiate moot court competition. I am admitted to practice in New York and the Federal District Courts, Eastern and Southern Districts.

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