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QUESTION: My wife is 9 and half months pregnant and was walking in our local grocery store heb and slipped and fell on ham or sushi the store left on the floor twisted her ankle and bruised up her knee and hopefully her pains on the side of her stomach stop but is it worth taking to court?

ANSWER: Does the store know that the slip and fall happened?  If not, if they did not take a report immediately after the incident, there is nothing to do. As far as they know, you fabricatd the entire event.  If they did see what happened, that your pregnant wife did fall down, then they will want to compensate. But the question is, was there anything beyond a twisted ankle???  Assuming no injury to the pregnancy, you could probably get some store credit. A lawyer would not be interested in the case and not point "going to court" unless there are serious damages.

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QUESTION: Yes they do we made the report and are waiting for a follow up call from them tomorrow but we are going to see her primary pregnancy doctor tomorrow because shes been having sharp pains on her side

Ovbviosly the question is whether the accident will complicate her pregnancy in significant way.  I would suggest you just concentrate on getting the baby born and if everything comes out just fine, which I bet it will, it won't be a big case against the store.  Don't expect them to offer any compensation at all.  Reason is, the store my not be legally responsible. The law in all States holds that for the store to be liable, they must KNOW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that there was something hazardous on the floor.  If the sushi hit the floor very soon before the accident, the store COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN about it.  The plaintiff has the burden to prove that it was there for more than just a few minutes.  That is always tough to do.  Pictures indicating the food item had been tracked around the aisle, some witness to it being there for a period of time, video evidence of it being there, or maybe the item dropped on the floor by an employee would work but again, hard to prove.  Just have the baby and then maybe deal with this.  Good luck

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