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Hello, we are looking for an experienced SSI attorney in Indiana to pursue the appeal after my son's SSI claim was denied. If you could recommend somebody or tell us how to find a good attorney, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Dear Alex,

Thank you kindly for your generous rating on my answer to your question.  That means a lot to the experts here to know that we were able to give at least some small help to our “clients”.

I read something today that I thought I ought to pass along to you.  It might be a bit discouraging because it deals with the log jam on SSI appeals.  

But let’s hope that you are able to find a competent attorney to handle his case so that your son wins approval on the first time through.  Here is the article from today’s Washington Post:

“Waiting on a Social Security disability appeal? Get in line. A very long line.”

The Washington Post October 19, 2014

Best wishes to your family,

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)


Dear Alex,

I am sorry to hear of your son's disability.  I will put him in prayer this day for stabilization of his condition and to see improvement over time.  Meantime, let's look for an attorney.  You can always do an internet search for SSI specialists in your area, so I take it you may have done that already, but found nothing available.  Hence, we will try an alternative way, using our website that insurance injury attorneys use for attorney help.

Normally, the very best place to look for an auto accident attorney to hire is attorney hiring tips.  But in this case, we are not dealing with the garden variety auto accident injury lawyer.  Social security is a specialist.  Nevertheless, we will first explore a scenario whereby we seek an experienced insurance injury attorney, but one who does not specialize in SSI.  So, what if we contacted one of the attorneys that provides attorney hiring list on our links page?

That attorney would not be familiar with SSI rules, etc. but she would KNOW how to prove disability claims.  So she might agree to try to do your son's claim IF it were a simple case.  In other words, if it were a case where the disability is pretty clear, then an EXPERIENCED personal injury attorney can do the claim.  I will show you how to find one in a bit.  The advantage of hiring such an attorney is that she is more likely to be LOCAL -- convenient to your location, since specialists require a larger population base for their practices.  

That local attorney, IF she is competent in personal injury insurance law, will do JUST FINE on your son's SSI claim IF his disability is readily provable.  She already will be well-versed in how to demonstrate disability and the rules she has to learn on SSI are pretty simple for a simple claim.

But let's go on from the example I gave above and next we will state that the claim is NOT so simple--it is NOT so obvious that your son is disabled.  If that is the case, then you might want to hire a SSI specialist, even if it means going some distance.  We will use the same insurance claim attorney links to plaintiff attorney groups as if we were looking for an auto accident attorney.

Here is how: you can find the links to plaintiff attorney groups at our links page, (hit "links" top right of our home page), or go here:

Once there, fourth down from the top, click on "TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATOINS BY STATE" and select your state.  It looks like your state group is located in Indianapolis.  NOTE: these are NOT the same as state bar associations.  These are groups that represent plaintiffs only, so they are well-schooled in their trade, and any experienced member of their groups will be able to help your son with a simple SSI claim.

But they also will have specialties listed among their members.  Here is what I would do.  Contact their office and ask for a list of specialists on SSI claims among their members.  If there is no one near to you, then get a list of three experienced lawyers from their membership within your area.  You can interview them and they will either take the case or refer you to a competent attorney who will help your son.

Some trail lawyer associations do not readily give out the names of their members. If you run into that, then go to their website and pick out three officers of the association: e.g. president, etc.  Write one email letter to all three and explain what you want: a listing of three attorneys who do SSI work, OR a list of three experienced members of their association who are in your area.  

Lastly, let me just put in one word why we prefer members of such a group, as opposed to those who do not rely upon membership.  Such trial lawyer groups are always up to date on the latest in case law and in medical proofs of injury and disability.  Thus, they are more likely to be in a better position to help.  In addition, such groups have a "listserve" emailing system whereby any member can ask the group for help in any problem, and that member will then receive responses from a number of sources.  So it is members helping members with problems, as opposed to a lone attorney out there trying to figure out things on his own.

I trust the foregoing has been of some benefit to you and your son, and I hope things work out well with your son.

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)  

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