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Struck by car making a left turn into a crosswalk where I was walking with the green light.  Would want to make a claim for loss of one days income.  I write to inquire about what should such a correspondence include and not include.  Have the police report and the driver made statements I believe to have confirmed my version.  Guidance sought

You weren't injured at all?  You don't need further medical care? Why did you lose a day of work then.  OK, you suffered a tap from the car, decided you better not work that day I suppose.  Turns out you weren't really hurt.  So, find out the contact information for the driver's insurance company. Send them a copy of the Accident Report and any medical documentation of why you missed work.  Then of course you should document that you do have a job and how much you lost.  The insurance company will want proof that you lost money.   But did you have any pain, any physical injury or hurt at all??? That would be worth far more than one day of work income.  Document the lost income and ask for an additional $3,000 for your GENERAL DAMAGES.  Tell them you will go to Small Claims Court otherwise.  If you tell me more about the accident, more about your lost income, more about what the impact of the car did to you body, I could give you better advice as to what to do.

Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & Fall)

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