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I know of a situation where the lawyer quits on a client in a  personal injury case. The lawyer tells the Judge his withdrawing was a mutual decision. He tells prospective new lawyers that the case is a waste of time and the guy or plaintiff isn't paying him & other negative things to keep him from getting a new lawyer. This guy was dumped in a case against a big food chain with a bad injury and now he has to do everything alone. No way will he be able to. Doesn't the court have a duty to see this guy treated fairly? If he can't find a lawyer can the court get him 1? He knows about sueing the lawyer when he's lost this case but thinks finding a lawyer to sue another lawyer will be even harder. It's wrong that this lawyer just walks and ruins this guys hopes to ever be able to work again. He has nothing but this case. Isn't there a law that lawyers have to get 1 to take over?

In most states, a client can fire an attorney in a case at any time and a lawyer may withdraw from a case at any time so long as it does not jeopardize the clients right to find another attorney in time for trial.

A judge will typically never let an attorney withdraw from a case on the eve of trial.

The court will not help a client get a new lawyer.

If an injury is serious enough and there are no causation of liability issues, its typically fairly easy to find a new lawyer.

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