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QUESTION: ON July 2nd 2014 I was at a WinCo store shopping for the holiday. I had gone throughout the store picking up items needed for the holiday bbq. I was at the register and realized I needed Ice. I walked a few feet from the register and half way between the register and the Ice coolers I slipped. I realized as it happened that I slipped in water. Because my sundress was wet. I looked around the floor is concrete WHITE and high gloss. There was no wet floor sign. My mother saw the incident and tried to help me to my feet. My knee was instantly numb my ankle twisted and my wrist sore from trying to break my fall. The manager had the spill cleaned up after I was moved to a chair to fill out an incident report. The told me "you wont need medical attention" I immediately thought sure you are a checker at WinCo I definitely trust my heath in your hands..

The manager on duty took a photo of me and my leg and the area i fell in AFTER the water was cleaned up. They gave me a card to call and speak to someone in the event that I did go to the dr. The following day I did indeed go to the dr. Thery called it a Deep sprain and Immobilized my knee and gave me crutches. I informed the store of this. Their Insurance company called me on 7/11 and stated that she had to investigate this because "as far as we know you spilled the water yourself". There are cameras all over the store and the area I fell was basically the customer service area. Today is 8/8/14 I still have significant pain, shooting down my leg. that keeps me awake at night and limits my mobility during the day. I have yet to hear anything from the insurance company and I have an appointment scheduled with my primary doctor for more tests. What are my options here?

ANSWER: What city and state are you in?

First of all, you should send a letter Certified Mail Return Receipt requested asking Winco to Preserve copies of any camera recordings from the date you fell as they will be evidence should your matter go to trial.

Secondly, continue medical care until you find out whether you suffered merely a strain injury or whether something more serious is afoot.

Whether or not you need an attorney will be determined by how serious your injury is.

Under no circumstance should you give a statement to Winco or its representatives.

Be aware that every state has short time limits to file suit called statues of limitations. Consult a local injury attorney to find out what that time limit is in your state.

Good Luck,

Ed Smith

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I am in Sacramento, California.

You have a 2 year statute of limitations.

See if your injury is more serious than a strain and I may be able to help. Which Winco?

Any witnesses besides store employees.

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