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I was wondering if the statue of limitations has passed for me to sue for medical expenses. I broke my ankle on a county playgroud on a piece of equipment I'm thinking people are getting injured on on a semi-regular basis.
The injury took place during Spring Break of 2013. So I'm guessing the time has passed to file.

I'm siting the two years from this: NRS 11.203  Actions for damages for injury or wrongful death caused by deficiency in construction of improvements to real property: Known deficiencies.

I had a surgery on my ankle almost a year ago, and it doesn't seem to have helped so I'm guessing its going to get worse before it gets better.

Thank you.

I am not a Nevada attorney so I urge you to consult with a Nevada Injury Attorney for consultation.

Nonetheless, it appears the Time limit in Nevada for injury suits is two years and, as you say, that is past.

Also, there is usually a deadline fot suits against the County that is even less lengthy than that.

Nonetheless, there may be exceptions to the above that I am unaware of.

Good Luck,

Ed Smith

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