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My two year old fall at mcdonalds in there washroom there was no sign put up to let us no the floor was wet she twisted her ankle when u tokd the manger they did not do anything at all i went home and call corporation and they contact the store and they call me the next day to take a report but my question is is my daughter entitled to a law suit

Is you daughter entitled to a lawsuit?  Absolutely.  Tell them you will not accept a penny less than $50,000 and college tuition for when she gets older.

Seriously, she twisted her ankle?  Did she require medical care?  Did you take her to a doctor? Was there a witness to what happened?  If the answer is NO to these questions, how does McDonald's know  you are not making this all up?  And even if this did happen, you can understand can't you that McDonald's will say that "hey, you are her mother.  You are in charge of her safety.  You saw the floor was wet.  Why weren't you holding her hand?  It is your damn fault".  If they offer you a free lunch, take it.  That is my advice.  I have spent 38 years representing injured people.  This is my answer.

Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & Fall)

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