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Hello, Counselor!

I was injured on a tour bus when a passenger standing in the aisle fell on top of me. I was taken to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.
There was no collision with another vehicle.

Should I have called the police?



Dear Chris:  I am extremely curious to know why you would ask the question you did.  Should you have called the police?  For what purpose exactly?  Perhaps to document that the accident occurred and what the circumstance were.  OK, but do you think a policeman would have responded?  An innocent accident with minor injuries happens on a bus.  This would not be a matter for the police nor a matter that the police would take time to investigate.  I will presume you do not think anything of a criminal nature needed investigation.  You don't think the fellow who fell on you should get in trouble.......right?  If a passenger is hurt on a bus or plane or train to the extent that injuries occurred, then the bus train or plane company should be alerted in order to investigate and report on what happened.  In your case the bus driver should have been alerted and you should have ask him to make a report to the bus company.  If you were taken from the bus directly to the hospital, I expect that a report was made and that you could get a copy of the report and even contribute to it by contacting the bus company.

You don't say anything about your injuries, if any.  But your question should be.........DO I HAVE A CLAIM FOR DAMAGES AGAINST EITHER THE BUS COMPANY OR THE PERSON WHO FELL ON ME?  That is what you want to know isn't it??  I think the company would compensate you for any out of pocket medical expenses if you document them and simply ask.  They have insurance to cover for that even if they were not negligent.  Probably no point looking into comp from the man who fell on you, even if you knew who is was and where he was from.  If you didn't suffer significant injury requiring further medical care, and if you had out of pocket costs, document them and submit them to the bus company and leave it at that.

Still amazes me.  What would you want the police to do anyways??  Man standing is aisle tips over onto a sitting passenger.  Is there any dispute about that happening?  Why would the police take time for such a minor event and what needs to be proven by way of a police investigation.  Or do you think the fellow should be arrested?  Interested to know.

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