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I am talking with my aunt and uncle regarding a possible gift to use as a down payment for my move up house.  I am trying to understand the federal gift tax regulations regarding that.  I understand about the $14,000 gift tax free limit per donor.  My question is how should the mechanics work specifically if receiving a gift from both my aunt and uncle separately?  Do I need 2 separate gift letters?  Do the funds needs to come from separate accounts with only the Aunts name and only the Uncle’s name or can they can come the same joint account?  Is it important that they process this as 2 separate transactions of $14k each?

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Just to keep it clear you can have each of them sign a separate check for $14k so you get the full $28k like that.

Without going into too much detail, if they are not subject to state estate/inheritance or Federal estate taxes when they pass away, the $14k limit is kind of irrelevant, except tfor the simple informational return you send in for the year of the overage

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