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I was recently elected as the head of Fundraising for my college's Honors Program for a full one-year term. As I'm sure you know and can guess, the Honors Program is for students who choose to excellent, take pride in their education and develop excellence in their life and leadership skills. I am seeking direction as to how I might go about developing a solid plan of action for a successful term as head of Fundraising? I am not so much asking for ideas, though they are welcome, but they can be found all overthe internet. More than that I am asking for some crucial insight that may help me to really understand what I am doing, secure the highest amount of outside donations (for raffles, events, etc) and profit for my college's Honors Program during following year in which I will be of service. I am also keeping in mind that while I am grateful to be of service to my colleagues, I am also developing a personal chapter of accomplishments for when I apply to a University next year. I hope I have outlined clearly the expertise I am looking for and any thoughtful help would do wonders for me.

Hi. Congrats on your new role! I am sure you are excited as well as a bit nervous looking out over the next year. In regards to your question, if there were one thing that I think will make the biggest difference while you head into this is endevour, it is to be always be enthusiastic and passionate about the role, every step of the way. Having a positive attitude and showing extreme passion is very infectuous in my opinion and will raise far above a "ho hum" attitude that many people hold. I realize this isn't specific tactical advice per se, however, I hope this perspective help. Good luck with everything!

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