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Bruce, I am 66 fully retired and on SS.  My wife works part time is 65 and not yet on SS.  We have $600K in IRA's and $600K in investments.  We need $32K annually to supplement income. Would it be better to withdraw from IRA accounts or after tax investment accounts?  Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.  Walter

Hi Walter

It is actually a bit more cpomplicated than most people think as there are a lot of variables and some of them, only you can answer or form your own strategy

There are SS strategies to consider and financial planning things to consider. You do need to sit with someone who can handle all the issues. I could run it for you but I am in NJ. I know a planner Tom Lowry in GA who could talk to you if you are so inclined to reach out again. 678-638-6363

You have tax, SS and investment issues in addition to not running out of money. Too involved for this forum. You would be shortchanged.

Let me know how it works out if you speak; either way good luck!


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