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Hello Mr.John,
This is Vandan Pathak from India.
I am freelancer web developer from last 3 years and now i want to start my own Company in this firm. Till i didn't ever register my company and i don't have any physical presence of my company. I have a web presence but due to lack of investment i could not able to start it up. Now i know that there are so many venture capitalist who can invest in this business but they require proper business plan and business model. I am making business plan for my business but could you help me regarding that.
My first question is On this basis of this situation can i approach venture capitalist to invest in start up company ?
If no than what kind of company position required to approach venture capitalist.? with the help of internet research i can make strong business plan but i know that only strong business plan never works.
What sort of things venture capitalist always looking for before sign a check for entrepreneur ?
What are the parameters for convinces them so that they give investment ?
For more queries you can add me on whatsapp +919998382047
Thank you,
Vandan Pathak

Hi. Seeking venture capital is a very specific task and many times how you approach it is dependent on the specific area in which you are developing your business. Given you are in India, I can't comment on how venture capital works in your instance since I am not familiar with the process. Sorry I can be of assistance.  

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