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Do you know how I can buy a savings bond for my niece and nephew (who are toddlers)?  I wanted to get the kind that was given to me: a paper certificate that when they go to cash in it in like 20 years it will have increased in value as much as possible. Maybe for $200-1000 each?


Here are some links about how to buy treasuries direct from the US Treasury.  You can still get paper certificates apparently, but I would not recommend it due to the problem of replacing them if lost.  You may also want to look at i bonds (inflation protected) or ee bonds, which allow the owner to use the interest tax free for qualified education expenses.

I would consider opening 529 Plans instead, one each for niece and nephew. Every state offers them and there are no income restrictions on who can open them.   The also offer tax deferral and no tax on earnings if used for qualified educational expenses.  Although they are considered a completed gift for estate tax purposes, you control the account and can change beneficiaries if you choose to.  And you and others can continue to contribute to it as the years go by. They allow you a much greater range of investment options.  In today’s low interest rate environment, long-dated treasury bonds may not be a great investment.

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