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I am a reasonably poor person who has a small amount of cash.
I recently have been listening to Robert Kiroski(?) teaching on inversting in assets.  I am not very interested in stocks.
Can you recommend something small to start with, for someone who has maybe a couple hundred dollars to spare?
Sorry if this is not your area.
thank you.


Good for you, you want to start investing. Since you are concerned about stocks, and I assume the risk of loss, you should find an online bank like ALLY or AMEX and set up the FDIC insured savings account there. You transfer money back and forth to your checking account as you need it and while you won't get rich at these rates today, most important would be your habit of continuing to transfer money to the account every month, even if only a small amount. That is how you will accumulate money until you are comfortable enough to move into other types of investments.

Good luck


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