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Hi John,

Can you recommend me any good free online websites to download/view basic stock reports for free?



Hello Jim,

Your question is very similar to one that I received about six months ago.  I have reviewed that answer and hope that it answers your question.   Here it is:

If you have not checked them out already, I recommend starting with Yahoo Finance and Morningstar. They both have free services that allow you to enter the name or symbol of a stock / ETF / Mutual Fund and they will provide basic information.  In Yahoo Finance, if you click on “View More Data”, they will also show broad buy / sell recommendations based on multiple sources.  Morningstar is really the lode stone of information for many investors, and their $200 annual fee for accessing their “Premium Content” is a very good deal for do-it-your-self investors.  They offer comprehensive write ups on many securities, rank them in their peer group, etc.  With the Premium service you can also input your entire portfolio into something called “X-ray” and it will generate a report that can give you a feel for your portfolio as an entirety, rather than just information on individual securities. It will even send you email reports on the changes in your portfolio value automatically.

Other sites you may want to check out are Investopedia (for basic financial definitions and explanations), the Motley Fool, Zacks, The Street, Seeking Alpha, and Investor Guide.  These offer essentially news and opinions about stocks, the markets generally, interest rates, etc.

You can even just use Google. I just typed in "Chevron Valuation" and it turned up many current articles with opinions about the value of Chevron stock.

Finally, one of the best ways to get “free information” is to open an account at a reputable on-line broker/dealer like Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, Scott Trade, etc. You didn’t indicate what type of broker/dealer holds your securities, but account fees are close to zero for even modest amounts, and they offer very broad and comprehensive research tools that come free with the account.

One thing none of these sites can do is tell you what the right investment strategy is for you, because every investor is unique, and your investments are only one part of your overall financial picture.   That is why a low cost fee only financial adviser unaffiliated with any broker/dealer can help you develop an investment strategy that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and attitude toward risk.

Hope this is helpful.   Good luck!

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