How to Get a Personal Loan/Student Loans for Housing


Unique wrote at 2009-03-26 07:08:18
Actually, you can use student loans to pay for housing. I wouldn't say you could buy a house but I don't know. You are not required to bring in receipts. When you fill out your fafsa, the school determines if you're eligible for Stafford loans or not. In deciding your cost of living "room & board" is on that list of things they take into consideration to figure out your budget/financial aid. Certain loans, grants, scholarships have tuition only stipulations but Stafford loans is not one of them. Also, many private student loans also consider boarding cost as a legit part of financial need. If you get a Stafford loan, it will be paid directly to your school and usually they just reimburse you any remaining money.

Susan Newby131 wrote at 2014-07-07 10:39:44
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How to Get a Personal Loan

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check out my background under small biz
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