QUESTION: Travel dates: Arrive May 24 depart June 6

My girlfriend and I are looking for a tour package that gives a good feel for the country's culture and beauty yet is not short of adventure. We are interested in the 4 day Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu. Besides for that we are mostly flexible on what we see. A really cool thing I have seen is a having dinner with a local family. Our budget is $2,000 (total) for 11 or 12 days. Ideally we would like to find a package that includes flights to Cusco.

Do you have any suggestions?




Check out the following tour:

Inca Journey 12 days

I think it is pretty much what you want (Inca trail, home-stay in Lake Titicaca with local family on an island, etc.), and the price is more less what you expect to pay. They also have a backpackers option which comes even cheaper.

Be aware that the Inca trail is full until early July. So book your trip in advance (4 months) if you want to get a space on the Inca trail which is limited to 500 people per day including guides, porters, etc.

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QUESTION: Thanks Ivan for your quick response.

Its a bummer we cant embark on the Inca Trail.

well I think then we'd like to do the following list

Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Amazon, Lake Titicaca

11 to 13 days

Including flights to Cuzco from Lima our budget is $1000 to $1200 per person. We already have our international flights booked.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again


There is an alternative to the Inca Trail, check out the Salkantay Trek. It is a 3 day and 2 night hike plus 1 night in Aguas Calientes and an extra day to visit Machu Picchu (4 days and 3 nights in total).

The Amazon will prove more expensive and will be beyond your budget. Bear in mind that you have to fly from Cuzco to go to either Puerto Maldona (30 min. flight from Cuzco) or Iquitos (3 hours with a stop in Lima). To have an idea of the itinerary and cost of a trip to Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Amazon, Lake Titicaca, check out the following tour:
Anaconda Tour

Have a safe trip,


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