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Peru/do the $160 fees+taxes charged w/ airline ticket include that country's airport or national fee?



I am traveling to Peru soon and have been told that sometimes before the return flight, the government or airport there will require a $50 fee (or so), although my United ticket includes $200 fees and taxes charge, which is half-explained below in the ticket+itinerary confirmation:

"Travel between the United States and non-United States destinations and between non-United States destinations

[some info skipped]
"Non-U.S. government ticket taxes, fees and airport charges may add up to $160 per ticket."

Is there any way to know if those charges include what I may be charged in Lima, Peru? And is there anyway I can prove I have paid them? Airlines these days don't give you the option of contacting them on their web sites, as far as I can tell.


Hi Greg,

All Latin America countries have a departure tax and that would not be included on your ticket.  I am not sure what Peru is at this time but it would be around 40.00....  Sorry, believe this is NOT included in your ticket.

Enjoy Peru.  It is my most favorite South America country.  Kathy


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