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George Manning wrote at 2008-04-04 00:21:26
Mounds may not exist at first.  Ants excavate as they begin enlarging their colony. Often, the mounds develop with age.  Treat those entry holes carefully, and you will begin to crest this problem.  Again, persistence wins. I thank you for your nomination.  That kind of affirmation drives questioners to me.

Best wishes,

George Manning

Bill Englishd8tlx wrote at 2011-07-15 20:34:48
I live in East Texas and also have been devastated by the leaf cutter ants...The best way to find their mound is to pour a cup or two of "hen scratch" (a mixture of ground corn, wheat, and maize used to feed poultry) at the borders of your flower bed or garden..The ants prefer this to their natural leaves they cut to propagate fungus back in their hills...They work at night during hot weather, and it is easy to follow them back to their hill when they are carrying the yellow corn particles...Flag the hole and then come back in daylight to treat the mound..I spray the ants all the way to their mound I also mix up a gallon jug mixture of permethrin and malathion and pour it down their ant hole...If you have a bad infestation you will have to do this many times to make a dent in their population..You can buy the hen scratch at any feed store...

Bill English wrote at 2011-07-15 20:48:49
The reason I add permethrin to the malathion mixture I pour down the holes is because permethrin will hopefully kill the ant eggs and larvae in the mound...It is known to do this in treating flea infestations...(kills adult fleas, larvae, and eggs...

Good Luck !!!

linda wrote at 2013-10-03 01:58:42
We have been battling these Stephen King type Sci-fi maddening insects for about 3 years now.  We win for a while with persistence, but they ALWAYS come back.  The most recent occurrence has us totally perplexed.  In the past we could always find a trail that was cleared in the grass where they walked my nice rose leaves to their #$*&$#*& mounds.  It looked like someone had laid a hose in the grass for weeks and when they picked up the hose the grass was dead...except that when you looked closer, you saw the movement of these creepy idiotic ants carrying my roses away.  We spray their trail, and we use ant block and also Amdro fire ant killer on them.  But the kicker is that this recent attack that has stripped 6 rose bushes over the period of a week is different.  There is NO TRAIL.  We can't tell where they are taking them.  We spotted them after they ate 3 bushes almost over night.  Then two more, but we would check at night and during the day, and there was not a trail, we never saw them.  But it had to be them!  Has anyone else ever had this happen wiih no obvious trail?  Rose bushes stripped overnight and no ant evidence?  I'm ready to join ant haters annonymous for a support group.  I love my roses and feel so violated.  

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